Hi. Iā€™m Presh Onyee.

I'm a Product Engineer with a profound, hands-on expertise as an operator within the startup ecosystem. My professional journey is marked by a relentless dedication to validating ideas, prototyping innovative solutions, and iterative product development, all of which stem from a solid understanding of how startups truly work.

Thriving at the nexus of design and engineering, I take immense pride in obsessing over every detail that contributes to a high-quality, seamless and engaging product. I believe that the best products are built by those who understand that the design and the making are inseparable.

What drives me is not just the creation but the refinement of products that make a difference. My experiences have instilled a genuine passion for avoiding common pitfalls in the startup world, and Iā€™m dedicated to helping others evade the repetitive mistakes that plague many new ventures.

Currently, Iā€™m channeling this energy and focus into reinventing the traditional B2B sales cycle šŸ˜Ž at Trumpet.

If you share my enthusiasm for building, learning, and growing in this ever-evolving space, please don't hesitate to say hello šŸ‘‹šŸ¾

"If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life"