NOV 7, 2020What next?

If I want to be very honest with myself, there are a lot of visible good things I can do now at my work to make things better but I don't want to commit to doing such now, cause it isn't what I want to be doing and it isn't what I should be doing. I'm very okay with doing those things on demand, but not make a commitment to do those things.

I can choose to learn .NET Core, Microsoft Azure, C#, etc. But these are not things I should be doing, and the opportunity cost of involving in those things for me is outright robbing from my future.

I'm not decided yet on what I want to do next, I have some interesting option, but I'm dead certain that it isn't any of Microsoft related technologies or anything heavily influenced by my current position and work.

Thinking in 10 years:

  • iOS Engineer
  • Android Engineer
  • Web/React Engineer
  • Backend/Cloud Engineer with NodeJS/AWS *

Things to weigh on:

  • Community
  • Job market
  • Barrier to entry
  • Resources for domain knowledge
  • Future prospects
  • Can I teach/pull my own community?