NOV 7, 2020The rut of what I should do next!

The singular reason it's hard for me to settle on what next should I really be doing, what path should I chart next for my career and life, what next things do I invest my energies and resources on, what steps should I take, what should my next goal be, etc. The singular reason it's hard for me to make a call is because of where I'm currently at. Abstractions.

Prior to this moment, I'd never have imagined that where I am now, would have so much strong influence on me deciding where I should be's just insane. That's why it just helps tremendously to make the right choices on the few most important things in life, because as crazy as it may seem, those choices seem to have strong influences on your next choices.

One thing I'm learning now, it this: "The best way to break out of a rut is to go backwards not forward. Break things down into the parts to see what you're dealing with. It's harder but you'll be suprised by what is suddenly possible.".

The reason it makes sense to look backwards, is because, there's a good chance that this present moment you're in now has been built on a lot of compromises, some compounded to this point where you're at now. Looking backwards, helps you audit your original prior ambitions, desires, intents, wishes and what not...unadulterated. At this point when you weigh your original ambitions with what you've currently settled with, your compromises becomes glaring, some cases your short term thinking and moves are up for revising and you suddenly can measure what was once possible with your current worldview and reality.

Suprisingly it works, I can think a lot clearer now, and move a step forward at the very least.