NOV 7, 2020On where I want to be

"Feeling motivated rarely happens. If you wait for it to strike, you will never reach your goals. Start creating systems that will keep you accountable" - Randall Kanna

"Commit all your energy into building a new skill for 100 days. Practice it for 1 hour every day. See how fast you become expert-enough on it." - Jose R. Rosado

"Decide where you want to be in a year. Break your goals into what you need to do each quarter to make it happen. Break your quaterly goals into small monthly goals. Repeat for the week and day."

"The single most important factor to success is the ability to make things happen. This requires determination, resourcefulness, focus, tenacity, confidence, a willingness to look like an idiot, and an ability to do the work when no one is watching".