NOV 22, 2020Of 2020, I didn't learn anything

The things you own, eventually end up owning you.

Production x Consumption

Why is it that the first thoughts that come to my mind when I have money is to spend it immediately? Why really? My relationship with money has mostly been all about consumption vs production.

I still didn't learn anything concerning money in 2020. It's barely 40 days into the end of the year and I'm struggling so hard to not carry any debt into the new year. This was about the same position I was in a year ago much more worse, and yet 365 days later I still didn't learn anything.

From this day hencefort, there's 3 major things I want to take charge of in my life:

  • My relationship with money
  • My relationship with my time
  • My relationship with execution(my actions)

It's just crazy now that I'm thinking of it, I don't have money, I mean I'm insanely broke and yet I'm involving in things that constantly makes me spend what I don't even what exactly is wrong with me? I'm just putting myself in a position where I'd be overwhelmed, depressed and frustrated at myself. Forget this whole school stuff, I currently do not possess the affordance for it and I can't add another variable into my life that sucks more from me than move me forward. It's enough. Once I'm ready at least financially to the tune of 90%, I can go off and make more intentional decisions about school.

Come 2021, I only want to be concerned about my execusion ability. 2021 is my year of doings and If I'm not going to make more money, I should be foolish spending the one I already have without being thoughtful about it.