NOV 7, 2020My perspective on sharing stuff

My mind has shifted on sharing stuffs publicly...a great deal. See, building stuff is hard, building stuff that works is even harder, building stuff that people's lives depends on is insanely hard. The people who have shipped tons of stuff and seen it fail or succeed, know this. They know how much effort goes into things to make it work, they know what it takes to sweat the details and the small stuffs, they know how hard it is to maintain things. It's just insane.

And that's why you wouldn't see these same people criticize or shit on your work you share, either in progress or complete. They genuinely and really want to see you improve...maybe not all, but a good number of them.

The people who run their mouths have probably never shipped anything, not to mention anything meaningful, yet it is because of these same set of people I shy away from sharing my work, or wanting to hit perfection. This is mere bulshit and a foolish way to think. They are the most active on twitter, hackernews, they are the keyboard warriors, they are quick at just about anything other than doing their own thing. It is not because of these ones, I'll now be timid about things that will help my future.

If I don't share, I'm the one doing myself.