NOV 24, 2020Learning to sit with things longer

In all seriousness, I must conclude now that learning to sit with things far longer than the average person would is the ultimate form of self discipline. The constant pressure of moving and looking for what's next without even putting in one-tenth the work for the current stuff is just sheer insane. Like, where are these pressures coming from? Who is putting them on who? Who permits such? And at the tail end of all these pressures is unhappiness. The thought that there is something else beyound what and where you are currently at that is going to give you more happiness is just plain dumb. "Desire is the contract you keep with yourself to be unhappy". It's even worse with material things. You purchase something and don't even use it long enough to get its value worth back before eyeing some other thing else. Where does all these craze come from and where does it eventually ends or leads us?