OCT 27, 2020Forget the grand plans

Everytime I curse at myself for inaction - It's almost always boils down to this grand big, visionary plan.

“What I love most about life — with the exception of my wife and kids […]— is that when you decide to move forward the more the world begins to open up to you — but in ways you could have never predicted. Not one thing I love today was the result of some grand plan. I said “Yes” to something random and somewhere along the way it took me to where I needed to go and into the arms of the people I was supposed to meet. I think that’s what makes life so fun — the unpredictability of it all. You just never know where the world will take you. But you have to get off your ass in order for those moments to take place.” - Micheal Thompson https://medium.com/curious/if-you-dont-know-that-something-is-achievable-you-ll-never-succeed-e68cd6d4d482