NOV 25, 2020Distracted as a consumer

Right now, my only business is to use the current knowledge I have to PRODUCE. There's no learning anything new, for any so-called reason. The premise is simple - If I can't produce with my current knowledge, what are the odds that I'd produce with a new additional knowledge? In some way, learning new technology is just an excuse at making myself a PRO-CONSUMER...learning, watching, reading, listening, all still without the doing.

Being a consumer makes you distracted, it get worse when you're a pro-consumer. The type that binge-watches tutorials and technical articles without making stuffs. When you're a producer, you have your heads down focused trying to make things work with the limited time and resources you have, trying to employ tools that are best suited for the context you're in and prioritising results more than anything else. As a consumer your brain is tricked into thinking you have unlimited resources, and so there's more time to watch just another node.js tutorial. All still without the doing.