NOV 24, 2020Cutting down on monthly expenses

Whenever I look at my monthly bank statements and review my expenses, one recurring pattern I've noticed is that the petty small everyday purchases seems to add up a great deal over a 30 day period to amount to virtually more than half of my total expenses. How on earth do I end up spending X amount on phone call/internet bills? How manage does X total this can't be. There has to be some mistake somewhere....after much scrutiny, it turns out that it's all correct. I'm in the exact same spot as the previous month again.

This realization led me to strongly thinking...what if I could go a whole month pretending my monthly income was really 80% less than what it really is? Could there be the event that I only happen to spend one-tenth of my actual monthly income? It's actually not impossible. I should try it.

Going a whole month and spending actually less than one-tenth of my monthly income means I must have made purchases for the long-term far months away before now. I could actually spend a whole months income making all these petty purchases in bulk and then going through the forthcoming months not thinking about them. Thus directing my money where I want them to go.

This could change things on a different level for me. I'll give this a go and drop future updates on this afterwards.