JUN 11, 2020Announcing Camara Design System

Design systems is how I'm currently trying to bring more order to my job as a Designer and FrontEnd Engineer. To have a solid and deep understanding of how to build systems that actually move work forward, I'm setting out to build my own personal design system and consume everything I can find on the topic. This is my one focus for the coming months.

To this effect, I'd be building Camara - a design system that helps you build your ideas quickly and with less code. I'd be building this in public. It will consist of tangibles such as an icon library, a Figma UI library, React component library, and maybe something mobile related, all open source.

Building a design system with a lot of moving parts is a huge undertaking, and one way to make sure that I don't get overwhelmed with the whole project is to put in place some meaningful constraints on the project. This also helps so I don't spend time over-optimizing the less important things.

Another approach I'd be taking is to see the project as a long-tem undertaking, and one that wouldn't be complete overnight. In my head, this means that this is a progressive approach to building with small incremental progress and constant momentum preferred over "race-car fast" velocity that could possibly lead to an eventual burn-out. Plus, I'm not Superman 😅.