NOV 24, 2020Accelerating learning new technology

Every time I ponder over my inordinate desire to learn iOS engineering and I try to remind myself that it's a lot of work to learn a new technology from the ground up without any prior experience in that field, and that it would be much better if I simple invest on my already experience in JavaScript, the web and React than learning iOS from the ground up, I just think of the immense effort and investments its going to take to get what I want and if I'm ready to pay the price.

Getting my iOS engineering experience to the same level my current experience on the web is would be insane in a period as short as 4 months. The truth is I don't have time, but I can't stop thinking of leverage...I just can't help it. I know that I can build more leverage for myself that would pay itself forward in the future as an iOS engineer, than as a web engineer. I think I have a good grasp of the certain things I need to do and put in place, I'm only racing against time...because I must get a full-time job in the next 6 months...that's it. No second option.

How do I accelerate learning a new technology, in all seriousness how can I do this in such a short while? How do I move from noob to say intermediate in iOS dev in say 2 months?....After giving a deep thought to it and not seeming to get a decent answer...out of nowhere hours after towards the close of evening and into the struck. I got the answer. Not loud, but clear enough to not miss a beat...TEACH!!!

I can accelerate my knowledge and learning of a new technology up to 10x faster than the average me if I teach it. It's that simple and magical. Teach, Precious, teach.

With all distractions out of the way, no second guessing on a course or tutorial and all other distractions and debate developers love to engage only goal is to build and teach faster than I formally learn. Only then, will I feel the power and magic of craft.