I make interfaces

My heart is at the intersection of design and engineering, I value and practice good design. I can contribute to both design and engineering, leveraging both skill sets in one role excites me.
Up until the past year, I've been mostly working as a Designer, but I've always been interested in working at the intersection of Design and Engineering versus being in those two worlds separately. Design Systems seems to be the perfect mix between the two disciplines.

I enable design, product, research and engineering teams to build better products faster, and to make better product decisions more efficiently.
I do this by building the right systems and tools so teams have to spend less time thinking about the nuances of user interfaces and constructing the product, but rather spend more time and focus on what the product actually is and the problems it is trying to solve.

Design is special to me, while other engineers may love to be close to the metal, I want to be close to the pixels as possible.
My background in design has made me to love and appreciate the craftsmanship involved in building user interfaces.
Accessible, responsive and performant interfaces are things I advocate for and love to write and talk about.

One of the things that's really important to me is to find more ways to bridge the gap between design and engineering, this means:

  • being super detail-oriented
  • being experienced with the nuances of how engineers build user interfaces with modern technologies and frameworks,
  • being curious about the similarities and differences between those disciplines to provide the understanding and perspective needed for broader decisions while building products.

I am capable of contributing high quality, production ready code for web and iOS with technologies such as TypeScript, React, Styled components, UIKit and SwiftUI. My knowledge of technical limitations and possibilities also leads to strong designer-engineer relationships.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about iOS development and SwfitUI.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries about my portfolio and work opportunities.

portrait of Presh Onyee